Sunday, 25 October 2009

“One Week Marketing Review – A One Week, Step By Step, Marketing Success Plan Using All Free Methods!”

One Week Marketing is a COMPLETE system of doing article marketing, how to get the most traffic out of what you do, and how to get it to convert.

It’s written by a Wealthy Affiliate buddy of ours called Jennifer (PotPieGirl) and she really knows her stuff.

It’s VERY action and strategy oriented, delivered in a crystal clear way that anyone can follow and put to work right away for free. Jennifer puts tons of effort into making sure you aren’t left in the dark and have a focused picture of exactly what to do next.

Also included is a 130+ page Case Study called “A Conversation With Nick”. A genuine ‘one to one’ coaching session Jennifer had with a guy who she took by the hand, and he started making sales within the first week!

You can find more details at Affiliate Niche Club One-Week-Marketing review.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Get Website Traffic - How to Get 100's of Visitors Overnight As Fast As Possible

Get Website Traffic - How to Get 100's of Visitors Overnight As Fast As Possible

By Fabian Tan

Wondering how to get website traffic to your website without having to wait weeks for search engines to catch on? It's easier than you think and can often be done in a couple of hours. Here's what to do:

1. Sign up for Pay Per Click (PPC)

One of the most effective ways of generating website traffic in no time at all is by signing up for a pay per click (also known as PPC) account from just about any of the major search engines on the internet.

Pay per click allows you to create small ads for your website for a given set of keywords. These ads are then displayed next to the main search results when people conduct a website search with the specified keywords. Although this is one of the non-free ways to get website traffic, it does remain one of the fastest and most efficient methods.

2. Post Comments

Absolutely free and something that can be done in a matter of minutes - posting comments on other websites and forums will get website traffic to your home on the web. As opposed to the paid-for PPC alternative listed above, this method does require some know-how and must be done in a specific way to ensure that you get the right traffic while keeping your "brand" name in tact.

Very briefly, you should: join busy websites and forums, only post helpful comments and not only do it for the sake of advertising your URL, ensure that the websites and forums you choose to comment on are in fact in your industry or niche. Not following these rules will not only result in no traffic coming your way, but could also get you in trouble with search engines.

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