Monday, 8 November 2010

Introduzione a Compiere - ERP Open Source

Quasi tutti conoscono SAP, ma probabilmente pochi hanno sentito parlare di un sistema ERP Open Source chiamato Compiere, che e' spesso molto elogiato dai suoi utenti.

Compiere in effetti include funzionalita di Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) e di Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I moduli principali sono i seguenti:
  • Financial Management (Contabilita')
  • Gestione Ordini
  • Gestione Materiali (Acquisti)
  • Gestione Magazzini
  • Servizio Clienti

Una delle caratteristiche di Compiere e' la sua flessibilita' di adattamanto all' Organizzazione ed ai suoi ruoli. I ruoli sono stabiliti con facilita' dall' amministratore senza bisogno di interventi sui programmi ed i menu' e schermi di ciascun utente vengono facilmente adattati alle loro funzioni.

La flessibilita' di Compiere e' dovuta alla sua architettura 'Model-driven'

Platform Infographic

Il sistema e' stato sviluppato in Java e puo' essere installato su sistemi Linux e Windows.

Richiede anche l' installazione di un Database a scelta tra Oracle oppure Postgres.

Potete avere piu' informazioni dal sito:


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My Instant Blog - Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Deadbeat Super AffiliateI bought this program recently and I have decided to share my opinions and experience by publishing a review.

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time, so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Through this review page, a person will be able to know more information about this system, and be his own judge in deciding whether it is suitable for him or not.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate has been developed by Dan Brock, a successful Affiliate Marketer who is also very good at teaching his Internet Marketing skills.

The main focus of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate system is on helping people sell physical affiliate products, such as those that are found in the Amazon’s website. However it is not limited to these types of products and many skills taught in the course are use suitable for selling digital products..

Dan Brock says that one advantage of promoting physical products such as those found in Amazon is that the competition is much less than that found for digital products.

There are a lot of topics covered by the system, which will help people in gathering the profits they long for through affiliate marketing. The main subjects are the following:

  • How to find products to promote. One of the instructional video modules is called Untapped Niche Markets and concentrates on how to take advantage of non traditional affiliate markets.
  • Keyword research
  • How to develop profitable blogs and mentions the value of having effective and lucrative affiliate product review blogs.
  • How to write articles to promote products
  • How to add posts to your blog (including auto posting)
  • How to use bookmarking to create backlinks
  • How to increase conversions

There are also many advanced topics, such as foreign language marketing and video stacking, that the author suggests to keep studying after you have started getting some money.

Dan Brock’s website allows also to download a free eBook about gaining the necessary volume of traffic to one’s website.

If you decide to purchase the course, you will be offered also some up-sales such the possibility to have a lifetime membership of the exclusive Deadbeat Elite site for continued training and discussions.

An hour-long webinar on the finer points of Amazon affiliate marketing, a premium WP theme optimized for physical product sites with guaranteed high conversion rate, and a link building software with auto node-site creation capability (based on the affiliate’s particular niche) are also included in this training program.

I was pretty happy to have invested in this course and I can honestly suggest you to take it into consideration as a very valid product.

If you are interested, I would suggest you to make your purchase as soon as possible because I heard that the price is going to double soon.

You can read more from Dan Brock’s website at:

==> DeadBeat Super Affiliate

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