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Instant Traffic Mastery Review

InstantTrafficMastery I recently found some information on Instant Traffic Mastery, a new ebook from Greg Hyne, and decided to buy it..

I am very interested in website traffic and I have tried many products.Instant Traffic Mastery appears small in comparison to other offers, but, when I started reading it I found that it contains a lot of useful information.

It is actually a practical blueprint of what to do to appear on the first page of Google by using free and whitehat traffic methods.

The author Greg Hyne is a British IT professional who, after working many years as an IT contractor, decided to try Internet Marketing and, after a few trials, was actually able to achieve a significant success. He went initially through some difficult times when I was not able to get any income and still had to support his wife and children.

Finally he was able to see some good results and the ebook offers practical methods on how you can improve your ranks with Google and see a real website traffic increase.

When you achieve good Google ranking, you will start to see a significant amount of targeted traffic.

The ebook shows:

  • how to choose buyer keywords that have not to much competitions and write web pages that target those keywords

  • how to create links from various sources that point back to your page

  • how to use variations of your keywords in the anchor text of your backlinks

  • how to get links from trusted and relevant websites

In addition to traditional SEO techniques the author teaches also the importance of the correct speed in applying specific steps that eventually will give you a significant increase of Google ranks and traffic.

You can read the ebook in a relatively short time and start using techniques pretty soon. This is very different from other traffic training courses where you must read tons of materials and where it is often difficult to decide what is really important.

The author teaches also techniques to make your results sticky and not to loose them after some initial success.

Among the testimonials of people who have achieved good results by following the steps outlined in the ebook, you find also the well known Internet author Jim Daniels and many other people have confirmed positive results.

It might have been helpful to have some links in the ebook instead of just site names, but nevertheless it is not difficult to apply the suggestions of the author.

The purchase price is unbelievably low and I have been really satisfied with my purchase.

My conclusion is that, if you want to increase your website traffic, you should certainly consider Instant Traffic Mastery.

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Turbo Commissions Review

Turbo Commissions
The programs has been developed by Michael Jones who is well known as a successful Internet Marketer, for many successful training courses and for his high skills as a trainer. I thought that it could be a good investment and decided to buy it and investigate it better. I have also decided to share my opinions and experience about the Turbo Commissions training by publishing a review.

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time, so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Turbo Commissions. First let’s listen to Michael Jones:

The course comprises different modules that cover a lot of ground in the Internet Marketing arena and each module gives you videos and PDF manuals. The videos provide very good and clear explanations given by Michael Jones; the PDF manuals summarize the main points with a slide approach.

Module one is an introduction to the Online Business model. Michael Jones starts with a course outline where he explains that he wants to help Newbies to rapidly get all necessary information, technical skills and tools to be able to develop a successful Online Business. He explains that many Newbies often are looking for the magic button that would allow them to receive a lot of money with very little or no work. The magic button does not exist; in reality you must be prepared to work seriously by learning the necessary skills and knowledge and then by taking action. The first module is mainly an overview of Internet Marketing and presents a Sales Funnel model where you start with a squeeze page, try to build traffic, you contact people who have replied to your opt-in page, you use an auto-responder to build a relationship with them and to present your offers.

Module 1 introduces also the Keyword research and SEO issues and it stresses that often the choice of keywords causes the success or failure of your Internet Marketing activities. It is important to target the right keywords.

Module two is described as the “Find the Fish” module and it concentrates on choosing a profitable niche and picking up profitable products. Michael Jones stresses the importance to find a profitable niche before choosing specific products. He says that niche selection is often one of the most overlooked activities by Newbies. He mentions that if you want to catch more fish, you must start with a good place where fish can be found. The main ideas is to try to find small and very targeted niches, sometimes referred to as microniches, where you will have less competition and probably more competence than in a broad niche.

Module three is the “Site Setup” module and explains how to develop your website or blog by choosing a good domain name, by doing proper keyword research, by getting a host account, by installing Wordpress, by blogging etc. This module contains a lot of technical details and should be very useful for newbies who need to develop their technical skills.

Module four focuses on List Building and Autoresponder Tips. Michael Jones stresses the importance of growing a list of people interested in your niche and on developing a good relationship with them. It describes them a very important took to keep in contact with your list, i.e. an Autoresponder and explains how to use it properly. He stresses that your messages should not be a hard sale message and should instead be written as a message to a friend.

Module five presents Copywriting matters. It discusses how to write emails in the best way, how to be friendly with your list, how to communicate your passion and more.

Module six is about Traffic Generation and how to get visitors to your offers. It discusses how Search Engines word and suggests different traffic generation strategies such as Article Marketing, Article Directories, Forum postings, You Tube videos, Social Networking, PPC, Offline marketing and more. Whatever strategy we follow, we should keep in mind the importance of keyword research. SEO and tracking. The module provides good information about both Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization. The author stresses the importance of targeted traffic, i.e. it is important to reach people interested in our niche and prepared to buy.

Module seven is about becoming a Vendor. Micheal Jones suggests to start in Affiliate Marketing, but then to try to develop your own product. In his opinion this is the way to finally make big bucks.

The course is complete and presented in a very professional way. The sales page in my opinion contains some hype, but there are good content in the course.

If you decide to purchase it, you will be offered a lot of upsells before finally reach the member site. This is probably one thing that I did not like, but seems to become a common practice with recent program launches.

The course is very suitable for newbies who need a complete overview of Internet Marketing. It provides good information, but some of the contents especially in the traffic module would need to be expanded.

However, as Michael Jones tells a few times, you should not expect immediate success just by reading this course. You need to put the training into action and know that the achievement of success requires time, work and consistency. In my opinion the course provides plenty of information on what you need to know to be successful with your Online Business, but then it is up to you to use that information in some practical projects.

You will need to spend some time on the course and then take actions. This takes time and it is not probable that you will see results in the next 24 hours. You will need some time, but eventually you will have an Internet Business built on strong foundations.

My final conclusion is that:

  • if you are looking for the magic bullet that will give you plenty of money without work, you will not find it here
  • if you want to learn skill that will allow you to gradually build your Internet Business, you will find plenty of useful information on the Turbo Commissions course.

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==> Turbo Commissions

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