Sunday, 6 March 2011

Google Affiliate X Review - My Experience

I recently decided to purchase Google Affiliate X, I have explored the website, watched the videos, read the manual and finally I have decided to write my experiences about this product.

A problem with many online reviews is that it is nearly impossible to get an unbiased review these days as the main thing most people are interested in is trying to get you to buy a product so they make some commissions...instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind...

I don't want just trying to sell,sell,sell all the time so I’m going to lay it out on the table for you... what I really think.

The program has been developed mainly by a team lead by Ray Johnson and Robert Black and provides a system with good tools that help you to select the best products to promote, the keywords to target and eventually to develop Wordpress review sites that have a large probability of success and good Google rankings. The tool allows to select products from Clickbank, Amazon or Commission Junction.

Similar products suggest that you write your own content and this is probably the part that most people find difficult or that you use automatic content copied from the Web by using an autoblogging approach. Google actually recently changed their algorithms by giving even more importance to the content.

The Google Affiliate X system takes an intermediate approach and gives you good guidelines on how to add the content to your Wordpress blog plus many PLR articles that should help you to start up your content building efforts.

The purchase is satisfactory with a single upsale and this is a good approach if one compares it with other recent launches where there was an abundance of upsales.

If you exit from the sales pages, you will receive two offers for a discounted price of $ 10 or $ 20. However you are clearly told that, if you choose to purchase with the discounted price you will receive something less and this seems to be a fairer approach than other launches where people buy at a higher price the same product as people who receive instead a discount.

When you purchase Google Affiliate X you will receive the details of the member site and, once you login, you will be able to access all your downloads, videos, bonuses and use the program's tools whose main functions can be summarized as follows:

  • Find Products. You will be able to search products in Clickbank, Amazon or Commission Junction

  • My Products. You will be able to access the details (including keywords) of the products that you have selected

  • My Sites. You will be able to develop and maintain Wordpress websites. You can work either with the tool's interface or use directly the Wordpress dashboard.

The course is based on a manual that you should read when you start and 10 main videos that provide clear instructions on how to use the tools, how to develop your sites and their content and how to use SEO to get organic traffic and achieve a good Google rank (including good instruction on backlinks building).

My opinions, after reading the book and viewing the videos are that:

  • The course is very clear and well explained

  • You are given step by step instructions that should help anybody to achieve good results

  • The tools are surely useful and have a larger value than the purchase cost

The only failure of the course is to assume that people know how to use basic functions such as hosting, doamin names, use of cpanel etc. I know that some feedback on this point has been sent to the authors that have promised to add additional videos on these points.

My conclusion is that I can honestly advise to invest in Google Affiliate X and I am sure that most people will be more than satisfied. I have personally been quite happy with my purchase and I think that it is one of the best ones that I have made recently.

I have decided to become an Affiliate and I will receive some commissions if you buy from my link below. However, if you send me the details of your purchase, I will share 50% of the commission with you.

Click here to visit the original Google Affiliate X website and optionally to make your purchase.

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Auto Coupon Cash Review - My Experience

I found an interesting article on the YourReviews Site blog and I have copied it below for your convenience, - Save Money Today

I am very skeptical when I see a new sales page because many of the recent launches, in my opinion contain a lot of hype and false promises. I am especially skeptical with the promotion of magic buttons which promise abundant riches with minimal effort.

When I looked to the sales page of the Auto Coupon Cash I found that the message of Tom Bell is more straightforward and honest, He says:

  • So if you’re used to ridiculous pie-in-the-sky promises, I’m not your guy.
  • If you think success comes without any action at all, sorry, you’re delusional and I can’t help you.

He proposes a new approach to getting website traffic and sales based on a method that is currently know and used by very few Internet Marketers.

The video on the squeeze page demonstrates good results produced on a brand new Clickbank account by using the auto coupon cash approach.

More or less Auto Coupon Cash is based around finding people that are looking for coupons, deals, and comparisons on various products. This is a huge segment of Internet users because everyone wants to get the best deal, right? So, the premise of the product is simple enough…

If you order the product you will receive a 140 page manual and many useful tools such as:

  • Coupon Lead Finder
  • Badass Classified and Social Media Lead Finder
  • Yahoo Answers Advanced Search
  • Contact Form Creator
  • Auto Coupon Bloodhound!
  • Blogger SEO Optimizer
  • Coupon Keyword Genie!
  • Keyword Oracle
  • Alternative Keyword Oracle
  • Buyer Keyword Genie!
  • Review Keyword Genie!

Moreover I was lucky to receive an offer for a free website in my chosen niche that, as I later discovered, was actually a very good WordPress blog with a very good choice of the best plugins.

I have not had the time yet to fully investigate the training and the tools, but I am certainly convinced that Tom has over-delivered for the small price that I had to pay.

I can honestly recommend this program and I invite you to listen to Tom message (when he was Stricken with the Flu) by clicking the following link:

==> Auto Coupon Cash

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Auto Click Profits ReviewAuto Click Profits Review

I watched the sales video for Auto Click Profits and was convinced by the presentation given by a fellow claiming to be Daniel Owens to try the package as soon as it became available. The guy looks genuine and he produces some proof of actual results.

Normally I do reviews of products that have some value and my reviews are normally positive, but, in this case I must give some negative information about this product.

The sales page is impressive and shows unbelievable results obtained in a short time from Clickbank by using this product.

However after purchasing the product and reading the received ebooks and watching some videos I have reached the conclusion that it is impossible that the results of the sales page have been obtained by using this product.

It looks like the marketing is pretty good, but the actual product has not the promised value.

They provide a manual on Affiliate Marketing with some advice that can be useful for a newbie, but that can easily be found on other places on the Internet.

The main product is a Windows software program which allows to find questions on Yahoo Answer about the keywords that you enter and answer with messages which contain an Affiliate link. You can send the same generic answer to a lot of similar questions.

In my opinion it is highly probable that, if you use this software, you will get banned from Yahoo Answer for spamming.

I purchased only the initial product which costs $ 39 and which has also a special offer for $ 29. The sale page says that the offer is only for 3 people, but I don’t believe it. I am sure that the offer remains; just keep pressing the exit button a few times and you will see the offer.

When you purchase you are offered one upsell or downsell after the other before reaching the download page. I have not tried them, but there are reports from people who have purchased some of them that they are not satisfied.

Another review which I advice you to read is Auto Click Profits Review – Another Pipe Dream In The Works

My final advice is that you should not purchase this product. However I am interested to know if someone else has a different opinion or has obtained some good results.

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Friday, 4 February 2011

Ho trovato un interessante sito che offre AS/400 Freeware, Software ed altri Servizi.

Ho scritto a proposito una presentazione sul mio blog AS400SoftwareDowanlods

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Fatcat Blueprint Review by a Real User

An Introduction

A little while ago I received an email that invited me to consider the Fatcat Blueprint. I am always a bit skeptical about promises of rapid riches, but this email looked less hypey than other ones and I decided to make some more investigations.

One of my preferred places when I look for information is the Warrior Forum. Its members are usually experienced Internet Marketers who provide useful information and observations.

I found that most of the comments on Fatcat Blueprint program were very positive and finally I decided to purchase it.

I cannot say that I have used its methods for a long time, but I have read the manuals and I can now provide some honest information about its content.

What is the Fatcat Blueprint?

The program has been developed by Bertil Jenner who has used Adsense in a very successful way and has also tested his methods with other people, including newbies, before publishing them.

The author says that its methods are the results of more than 10 years experience of making money online. Some 'gurus' suggest that you cannot make good money with Adsense and that it is better to use Affiliate Marketing or to develop your own products, but Bertil says instead that you can make quite a good money by using Adsense websites and that you will have in that way a passive income that will last for a long time.

The Fatcat Blueprint Training

If you order the Fatcat Blueprint, you will receive, in addition to the main manual also a SEO manual (Fatcat SEO), some Fatcat templates that have been proved to work well with Adsense and a Java application called Fatcat Domain Hunter

The main manual is a 242 pages PDF book that provides step by step instruction on how you can make a good income by using Adsense on some niche websites. The main approach is based on using free methods as opposed to PPC and other paid promotional methods.

There are 21 chapters grouped in3 stages such as Building, Promotion and Scaling.

The first stage of Building teaches important skills such as:

  • Finding hot markets and money making niches

  • Keyword research

  • Killer domain names selection

  • Web hosting solutions

  • Fast content Creation

An Interesting Video Explains the Advantages of Fatcat Blueprint


I think that this is one of the best courses that I have read recently and will provide you with useful information that will help to develop your skills and achieve success in Internet Marketing.

However you should consider that success will require time because developing content rich sites requires time and getting a good ranking with Google requires time.

The course will give you the information and tool to succeed, but you must be persistent and put into practice what you learn. This is not a 'Magic Bullet', but a useful training that will really help serious marketers. You can visit Bertil Jenner's site at:

==> The Fatcat Income Blueprint

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Interessante Tool per Twitter

E' recentemente apparso sul mercato un intersante tool per Twitter chiamato Viral Tweet Builder.

E possibile ottenere la versione base gratuitamente e, se usate seriamente Twitter, puo' essere veramente utile.

Permette per esempio:

  • Gestere conti Twitter multipli

  • Spedire tutti i vostri Tweet per tutti i conti da un unico posto

  • Schedulare Tweet fino ai prossimi 5 anni

  • Fare Ricerche per Nome o Keyword

  • Creare tweet con link di Clickbank e PayDotCom direttamente dal control panel.

Se siete interessati potete leggere una completa valutazione in Inglese su:

==> Your Reviews Site