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Instant Traffic Mastery Review

InstantTrafficMastery I recently found some information on Instant Traffic Mastery, a new ebook from Greg Hyne, and decided to buy it..

I am very interested in website traffic and I have tried many products.Instant Traffic Mastery appears small in comparison to other offers, but, when I started reading it I found that it contains a lot of useful information.

It is actually a practical blueprint of what to do to appear on the first page of Google by using free and whitehat traffic methods.

The author Greg Hyne is a British IT professional who, after working many years as an IT contractor, decided to try Internet Marketing and, after a few trials, was actually able to achieve a significant success. He went initially through some difficult times when I was not able to get any income and still had to support his wife and children.

Finally he was able to see some good results and the ebook offers practical methods on how you can improve your ranks with Google and see a real website traffic increase.

When you achieve good Google ranking, you will start to see a significant amount of targeted traffic.

The ebook shows:

  • how to choose buyer keywords that have not to much competitions and write web pages that target those keywords

  • how to create links from various sources that point back to your page

  • how to use variations of your keywords in the anchor text of your backlinks

  • how to get links from trusted and relevant websites

In addition to traditional SEO techniques the author teaches also the importance of the correct speed in applying specific steps that eventually will give you a significant increase of Google ranks and traffic.

You can read the ebook in a relatively short time and start using techniques pretty soon. This is very different from other traffic training courses where you must read tons of materials and where it is often difficult to decide what is really important.

The author teaches also techniques to make your results sticky and not to loose them after some initial success.

Among the testimonials of people who have achieved good results by following the steps outlined in the ebook, you find also the well known Internet author Jim Daniels and many other people have confirmed positive results.

It might have been helpful to have some links in the ebook instead of just site names, but nevertheless it is not difficult to apply the suggestions of the author.

The purchase price is unbelievably low and I have been really satisfied with my purchase.

My conclusion is that, if you want to increase your website traffic, you should certainly consider Instant Traffic Mastery.

You can read more on this subject.from:

==> Instant Traffic Mastery

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Turbo Commissions Review

Turbo Commissions
The programs has been developed by Michael Jones who is well known as a successful Internet Marketer, for many successful training courses and for his high skills as a trainer. I thought that it could be a good investment and decided to buy it and investigate it better. I have also decided to share my opinions and experience about the Turbo Commissions training by publishing a review.

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time, so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Turbo Commissions. First let’s listen to Michael Jones:

The course comprises different modules that cover a lot of ground in the Internet Marketing arena and each module gives you videos and PDF manuals. The videos provide very good and clear explanations given by Michael Jones; the PDF manuals summarize the main points with a slide approach.

Module one is an introduction to the Online Business model. Michael Jones starts with a course outline where he explains that he wants to help Newbies to rapidly get all necessary information, technical skills and tools to be able to develop a successful Online Business. He explains that many Newbies often are looking for the magic button that would allow them to receive a lot of money with very little or no work. The magic button does not exist; in reality you must be prepared to work seriously by learning the necessary skills and knowledge and then by taking action. The first module is mainly an overview of Internet Marketing and presents a Sales Funnel model where you start with a squeeze page, try to build traffic, you contact people who have replied to your opt-in page, you use an auto-responder to build a relationship with them and to present your offers.

Module 1 introduces also the Keyword research and SEO issues and it stresses that often the choice of keywords causes the success or failure of your Internet Marketing activities. It is important to target the right keywords.

Module two is described as the “Find the Fish” module and it concentrates on choosing a profitable niche and picking up profitable products. Michael Jones stresses the importance to find a profitable niche before choosing specific products. He says that niche selection is often one of the most overlooked activities by Newbies. He mentions that if you want to catch more fish, you must start with a good place where fish can be found. The main ideas is to try to find small and very targeted niches, sometimes referred to as microniches, where you will have less competition and probably more competence than in a broad niche.

Module three is the “Site Setup” module and explains how to develop your website or blog by choosing a good domain name, by doing proper keyword research, by getting a host account, by installing Wordpress, by blogging etc. This module contains a lot of technical details and should be very useful for newbies who need to develop their technical skills.

Module four focuses on List Building and Autoresponder Tips. Michael Jones stresses the importance of growing a list of people interested in your niche and on developing a good relationship with them. It describes them a very important took to keep in contact with your list, i.e. an Autoresponder and explains how to use it properly. He stresses that your messages should not be a hard sale message and should instead be written as a message to a friend.

Module five presents Copywriting matters. It discusses how to write emails in the best way, how to be friendly with your list, how to communicate your passion and more.

Module six is about Traffic Generation and how to get visitors to your offers. It discusses how Search Engines word and suggests different traffic generation strategies such as Article Marketing, Article Directories, Forum postings, You Tube videos, Social Networking, PPC, Offline marketing and more. Whatever strategy we follow, we should keep in mind the importance of keyword research. SEO and tracking. The module provides good information about both Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization. The author stresses the importance of targeted traffic, i.e. it is important to reach people interested in our niche and prepared to buy.

Module seven is about becoming a Vendor. Micheal Jones suggests to start in Affiliate Marketing, but then to try to develop your own product. In his opinion this is the way to finally make big bucks.

The course is complete and presented in a very professional way. The sales page in my opinion contains some hype, but there are good content in the course.

If you decide to purchase it, you will be offered a lot of upsells before finally reach the member site. This is probably one thing that I did not like, but seems to become a common practice with recent program launches.

The course is very suitable for newbies who need a complete overview of Internet Marketing. It provides good information, but some of the contents especially in the traffic module would need to be expanded.

However, as Michael Jones tells a few times, you should not expect immediate success just by reading this course. You need to put the training into action and know that the achievement of success requires time, work and consistency. In my opinion the course provides plenty of information on what you need to know to be successful with your Online Business, but then it is up to you to use that information in some practical projects.

You will need to spend some time on the course and then take actions. This takes time and it is not probable that you will see results in the next 24 hours. You will need some time, but eventually you will have an Internet Business built on strong foundations.

My final conclusion is that:

  • if you are looking for the magic bullet that will give you plenty of money without work, you will not find it here
  • if you want to learn skill that will allow you to gradually build your Internet Business, you will find plenty of useful information on the Turbo Commissions course.

To read more on this subject and order click the link below:

==> Turbo Commissions

I am an affiliate and I will get commissions if you buy from my link, I offer you as a bonus to share the commissions. just send me some references of your purchase (your Clickbank order number and your paypal email) and I will send you 50% of the commissions as soon as they become payable.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Introduzione a Compiere - ERP Open Source

Quasi tutti conoscono SAP, ma probabilmente pochi hanno sentito parlare di un sistema ERP Open Source chiamato Compiere, che e' spesso molto elogiato dai suoi utenti.

Compiere in effetti include funzionalita di Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) e di Customer Relationship Management (CRM). I moduli principali sono i seguenti:
  • Financial Management (Contabilita')
  • Gestione Ordini
  • Gestione Materiali (Acquisti)
  • Gestione Magazzini
  • Servizio Clienti

Una delle caratteristiche di Compiere e' la sua flessibilita' di adattamanto all' Organizzazione ed ai suoi ruoli. I ruoli sono stabiliti con facilita' dall' amministratore senza bisogno di interventi sui programmi ed i menu' e schermi di ciascun utente vengono facilmente adattati alle loro funzioni.

La flessibilita' di Compiere e' dovuta alla sua architettura 'Model-driven'

Platform Infographic

Il sistema e' stato sviluppato in Java e puo' essere installato su sistemi Linux e Windows.

Richiede anche l' installazione di un Database a scelta tra Oracle oppure Postgres.

Potete avere piu' informazioni dal sito:


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My Instant Blog - Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Deadbeat Super AffiliateI bought this program recently and I have decided to share my opinions and experience by publishing a review.

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time, so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Through this review page, a person will be able to know more information about this system, and be his own judge in deciding whether it is suitable for him or not.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate has been developed by Dan Brock, a successful Affiliate Marketer who is also very good at teaching his Internet Marketing skills.

The main focus of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate system is on helping people sell physical affiliate products, such as those that are found in the Amazon’s website. However it is not limited to these types of products and many skills taught in the course are use suitable for selling digital products..

Dan Brock says that one advantage of promoting physical products such as those found in Amazon is that the competition is much less than that found for digital products.

There are a lot of topics covered by the system, which will help people in gathering the profits they long for through affiliate marketing. The main subjects are the following:

  • How to find products to promote. One of the instructional video modules is called Untapped Niche Markets and concentrates on how to take advantage of non traditional affiliate markets.
  • Keyword research
  • How to develop profitable blogs and mentions the value of having effective and lucrative affiliate product review blogs.
  • How to write articles to promote products
  • How to add posts to your blog (including auto posting)
  • How to use bookmarking to create backlinks
  • How to increase conversions

There are also many advanced topics, such as foreign language marketing and video stacking, that the author suggests to keep studying after you have started getting some money.

Dan Brock’s website allows also to download a free eBook about gaining the necessary volume of traffic to one’s website.

If you decide to purchase the course, you will be offered also some up-sales such the possibility to have a lifetime membership of the exclusive Deadbeat Elite site for continued training and discussions.

An hour-long webinar on the finer points of Amazon affiliate marketing, a premium WP theme optimized for physical product sites with guaranteed high conversion rate, and a link building software with auto node-site creation capability (based on the affiliate’s particular niche) are also included in this training program.

I was pretty happy to have invested in this course and I can honestly suggest you to take it into consideration as a very valid product.

If you are interested, I would suggest you to make your purchase as soon as possible because I heard that the price is going to double soon.

You can read more from Dan Brock’s website at:

==> DeadBeat Super Affiliate

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

One Week Marketing Review

Are you trying to make money on the internet by doing affiliate marketing? Many have tried and most just give up. Taking advantage of home work business opportunities such as affiliate marketing can be difficult, that is, until you find the right plan that works.
I recently saw the results of a survey that actually shocked me. The question on the survey was, “If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 1 year or longer, how many of you have never made a sale?”

A full 53% of the respondents reported they had never made a sale! 53%! That number shocked me. But, when I thought about it a while, I began to understand why a work at home business can be so difficult.

You see – most affiliate marketers never develop a successful marketing plan. They never create a step-by-step action plan that leads them to success. They just jump around trying this method and that method and ultimately they all fail.

If you are in that boat or if you never want to be in that boat, I recommend that you buy the One Week Marketing Action Plan.

This 7-day course was written by Jennifer the PotPieGirl. Now, if you don’t know who she is, you will if you stay in affiliate marketing.

Jennifer knew nothing about affiliate marketing when she started out 3 years ago. This year, I believe her income will be in the 7-figure range.

In the One Week Marketing Action Plan, the PotPieGirl provides you a step-by-step action plan that you need to do to make your first sale. It’s the same plan that she developed and used to get her started.

Once you’ve made your first sale – rinse and repeat!

Below is a video that you need to watch. The video was made by Nick and the story that he tells is actually true – the PotPieGirl has confirmed his story.

Watch Nick’s video on taking advantage of home work business opportunities (NOTE: The visual quality is not that good, but the story is):

Nick used PotPieGirl’s action plan and is now on the road to success in his home based business and so can you!

Yes, it’s going to cost you some money! It’s not free. But, if you’re not making money at affiliate marketing and you really want to, you need to give it a try. After all, like all Clickbank products it has a 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

So, go grab a copy of the One Week Marketing Action Plan and take advantage of these home work business opportunities.

(By the way, the PotPieGirl and Nick are both members of the Wealthy Affiliate, and so am I. If interested, read my review Internet Income Opportunity)

This article was originally published at:

you can read more about OneWeekMarketing from:


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Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate Review

I bought this program recently and I have decided to share my opinions and experience by publishing a review.

It not easy these days to find an unbiased review because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I try to be as objective as possible and lay it out on the table for you what I really think about the Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate.

The author is Chris Rempel who offers an e-book that is not for beginners. It’s aimed an intermediate-level marketers and website owners. He doesn’t tell you how to use AdSense or how to develop Blogger Blogs. He shows important principles that will help you to become a successful Affiliate.

A first think that I noticed ion the sales page is that this product does not try to sell of lot of hype and promises like so many of the recent program launches do. The page is very simple, it asks you to enter your name and email. You will receive a request of confirmation and you can confirm if you wish to receive Chris Rempel’s newsletters. They are good newsletters that are very useful for Affiliate Marketers.

You can access the main sales page from the following link:

==> Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate

After entering your details, you will be presented with a page which describes without hype what the program is about and some important principles on making money online as an Affiliate. You will see this page even if you decide not to reply to the confirmation email mentioned above. The page presents some important concepts and I invite you to read it.

You can read the full review at:

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HyperFBTraffic – An Honest User Review


I bought this program recently and I have decided to share my opinions and experience by publishing a review.

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time, so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about HyperFBTrafficX.

The product promises high volume of traffic by using Facebook and it has been developed by industry leaders Bobby Walker and Adeel Chowdhry, the brains behind My Software Business, Mass Article Control, and Mass PPV Traffic.

You can read the full review at:

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits

consider Ewen Chia one of the best Internet Marketers and I appreciated most of the products that I bought from him. He is considered to be one of the most trustworthy in terms of the information and products that he delivers. Recently I decided to buy the Autopilot Profits program and to share my experience by publishing a review.

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time, so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Autopilot Profits.

There are a lot of products around with sales pages full of hype. They promise easy money with no efforts and hidden secrets that will provide you plenty of money in almost no time.

Ewen Chia is a serious author and does not hide the fact that you will have to work in order to develop an automated income generating system. As Ewen Chia emphasizes, you still have to primarily put in a decent amount of time and effort to make the whole system work. However he gives you the training and explanation to succeed as an Affiliate and finally develop a system which will provide Autopilot Profits.

You can read a full review of Autopilot Profits at; Your Reviews Site

You can visit the sales page and order the program with the following link:

==> Autopilot Profits

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Free Blog for Your Business

Instantly Create A Blog Within Seconds And Receive MASSIVE Exposure To Your Programs!"

7,000 Joined Within One Week! New From Walter Bayliss!

The site is called Instant Blog Subscribers and no matter if you are a seasoned blogger or have never made even your first 'Post' - this site is going to put your message in front of hundreds of people instantly!!!

The biggest names online are using Blogs as the hottest way to communicate and people are falling over themselves when they get a 'Blogger' they like - they follow them!!

And yet - over 90% of people never get more than 50 Subscribers to any blog they set up... AND YOU GET HUNDREDS INSTANTLY!!!

What do you think THAT will do to your ability to promote (Anything) and influence (Anyone!) We are talking EXPLOSIVE


With Instant Blog Subscribers; You don't have to know anything about Websites. You don't have to install anything or set it up. You can be up and running in seconds and have your message going out to HUNDREDS of people before you can even type "Check Out My New Blog!!"

Look - the bottom line is this.....

If you are serious about getting your message seen by more people - more often.... You can not afford to miss this. This system compliments EVERYTHING You are already doing online
and increases it's power and effectiveness by hundreds of times.

You can connect with fellow members and you can build your own (Unlimited) list of subscribers by simply getting your blog up (SO EASY!! AND TAKES SECONDS) and out into the world.

I am hooked! - This site will form the base of EVERYTHING I do online from now on in... Because it just adds so much power! Grab it while you can!

(There is also a HUGE PASSIVE I,NCOME to be generated by the site - so if that interests you... I would move even faster!!)


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Rapid Automated Income Review

The program provided in a simple way the steps that you can follow to make Clickbank sales online and to be soon in profit.

The program, developed by the well known Matt Bennet, recognizes that, in order to succeed as an Affiliate, you need products which convert well and a large amount of traffic.

They have organised the course in the main areas of the following picture (main website menu):

Rapid Automated Income Menu

The Market Research option gives you access to an already done market research which has allowed to identify well converting products in niches that are not too overcrowded. Once you choose your product that you are going to promote you will will simply use copy and paste to develop your promotional website

The training videos area offers you many videos which show you exactly how to set up your new website by copying ‘n’ pasting the provided data into it. In less than one hour you can have a new website up and running including your affiliate link pointing to the chosen product! Other videos in this section talk you through how to drive traffic to your site on autopilot. The method taught is not one of the traditional one such as PPC, Article marketing or SEO. It is a new and relatively inexpensive source of traffic which can get you thousands of visits in a short time.

This website files area contains the website templates that you use to copy and paste the relevant data that is provided in the market research section. It is pretty simpel and fast to copy the provided text into a template, upload the template and you will have a website that converts traffic into sales for your chosen niche.

You might decide to buy a domain for each niche site that you want to promote or have a single domain with different folders for the chosen niches.

You should be prepared to invest some money for the traffic, but ithe suggested traffic source is surely much cheaper than Google’s PPC and you should have a fast return on your investment to cover your costs.

You will not receive tons of training materials. The course is relatively simple and very practical. You will be able to easily follow the suggested steps and you should have an operational and profitable business in a short while.

One negative point in my opinion is that the websites are only sales pages and do not have any opt-in box to build a mail list. However you could easily change them if you prefer to add some additional features.


You can access the product sales page from the link below:

==> Rapid Automated Income Site

You can read the complete review at

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rapid Automated Income

I have just found the Business Opportunity above and I suggest that you read more about it at:


Monday, 12 July 2010

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum Review

I recently found a vey good Affiliate program and I decided to become an Affiliate.

You can read a full review at

I copy below a summary of the main points:

I recently bought this program by Paul Walker and I have been pretty happy with my purchase. I have decided to share my experience and to publish a review.

Affiliate Success Ultimatum Course

If you are looking to find an unbiased review online these day then good luck to you because all it seems like these days people are trying to get you buy the product so they make some commissions, instead of giving you an honest and insightful review to help you make up your mind… I can’t be bothered with trying to sell,sell,sell all the time so I’m just going to lay it out on the table for you what I honestly think about Affiliate Cash Ultimatum.

The program has been developed by Paul Walker who is a successful Internet Marketer who has been able to replace his debt of $ 45,000 with a commission income of $ 40,000 per month.

The course comes with a main PDF manual of 110 pages which explains in detail how to start an Internet Business and succeed as an Affiliate Marketer. The course explains everything in simple steps that can be easily followed evan by newbies or intermediate Internet Marketers.

In addition to the manual you will receive also useful videos. Moreover the manual includes links to additional specialised videos or PDF manual to give more details on each important point.

Moreover there are also worksheets and supplementary materials. You can use them to simplify the process.

It discusses the best way to choose your niche and products to promote, how to develop your own website or blog, how to get your optin list with good squeeze pages and how to develop a good relationships with people in your list.

There are also advance techniques and Paul will show you traffic generation techniques, which you can implement immediately.

In the end these parts come together – you have a winning niche and product, you have the right action steps in place and now you can generate the traffic to your site and make money.

Moreover Paul Walker will give you access to a huge, ever-growing package Of QUALITY Private Label Rights Products (Worth 1997$) that you can use to develop your business.

I was very impressed with the quality of the materials provided with this course. The only negative point that I found was the huge amount of information that requires some time to understand and absorb. New marketers will need time to grasp the concepts and therefore implementation may take some time. Nonetheless, this is one course that covers all basis and gives you the tools to succeed in due time.

I have decided to become an Affiliate of this program and I offer you a special deal. If you purchase the product from my Affiliate Link below, I will share 50% of the commission with you. Just send me the details of your purchase and your Paypal email address and I will send you the payment as soon as I receive the commission

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Market Samurai Free Trial

Market Samurai is a powerful tool which provides plenty of functions for market research, keyword research, back linking, and content finding.

I have used the free trial version for a while and recently I have decided to buy the full paid version.

We know that keyword research is very important for Internet Marketers, but it can take plenty of your time. There are many good tools around and many of them are free. such as the well known Google External Keyword Tool. However most tools provide only some of the required data and often you need to do many additional searches to complete your analysis. (.e.g.competition)

Market Samurai is definitely the best market research tool I have ever used and is definitely much more then a keyword research tool. Market Samurai will give you a number of complementary tools to investigate any keyword in any market and to track your campaigns.

Back links are very important when it comes to traffic and getting listed and it can be hard and time consuming to get them. With Market Samurai you can also find highly relevant back links for your site.

Moreover with the Market Samurai you will also find highly relevant articles or videos to place on your site. Many times finding quality content can be time consuming but with the Market Samurai you can find high quality articles, pictures and videos in no time. This can save a lot of time. That’s still not all! with Market Samurai you can also help you to publish articles and blogs straight from Market Samurai.

Market Samurai runs without problems both on PC and MAC and, even if it is not officially supported on Linux, I have personally used it on an OpenSuSE Linux installation without any problems.

I will try to summarize below what Market Samurai has to offer you, but you will be able to find much more by taking a free trial of the product and looking for the free training options that come with it.

You can read a full review on Market Samurai at:

==> Market Samurai Review

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Authority Job Killer

Authority Job Killer is the latest offering from Joel Chue and Alvin Huang, who are considered to be among the best Internet Marketers out there.

They already have some best selling products out there (Presell Secrets X for example) so they’re by no means newbies in the Internet Marketing product business.

Authority Job Killer is one of their latest offerings and you can find a rreview at:


You can also listen to an interesting video presentation at:

==> Authority Job killer

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Internet Marketing and Website Traffic

I found two interesting programs developed by two Internet marketing whiz-kids Joel Chue and Alvin Huang of Singapore and I wish to bring them to your attention.

The first program is called Affiliate Job killer and you will find a good review at the-authority-job-killer-review

The second program is called Instant Fast Traffic and you can read a good review called instant-fast-traffic-review

They are both valid products with a lot of content and little fluff.

Instant Fast Traffic

I’ve been in the Internet marketing business for some time now, and I’ve always been on the lookout for resources that can help me boost my traffic generation efforts significantly. I’ve bought dozens of guidebooks that boasts of unbeatable strategies that guarantee a flood of high converting traffic to my websites, but none have been as comprehensive and as effective as the product I’m about to review.

=> InstantFastTraffic

Written by two Internet marketing whiz-kids Joel Chue and Alvin Huang, who have come up with one of the best traffic generation resource guides out there, aptly named Instant Fast Traffic. Coming in 3 highly detailed modules, Instant Fast Traffic covers practically every aspect of traffic generation you can imagine; from the basics of linking strategies and search engine optimization, to content and viral strategies, and even offline strategies that you can use to give your website that much needed traffic boost.

You can read more detail on

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Double Your Affiliate Earnings!

Are you getting tired of having your affiliate pages trickle in money? You've no doubt heard stories of the most successful affiliate marketers, and about how they've optimised their affiliate marketing campaigns to not just trickle money, but shoot money at the speed of sound, straight into their Clickbank accounts. The most successful internet marketers no longer care about building the most pages, or covering the most bases. What makes the most successful and wealthy internet marketers tick is their ability to maximise their outputs, supercharge their affiliate returns, and minimise their time and effort inputs.

So how can working less help you earn more? It comes down to a simple truth about the way we work. When we create massive amounts of time for ourselves to work in, the temptation for dawdling, busy-work, and less valuable work creeps its ugly head into our work minds. Instead of focusing on the most important and valuable tasks, we spend more and more time mastering the trivial and poorly-earning campaigns and product marketing tools. Instead of auditing our time and determining its value, we spend hour after hour chasing after every extra cent, and missing the true value of the best affiliate marketing ideas.

Click Here To Download Your Free Quickest Way to High Selling Markets Report

Let's do a simple exercise. Take your five most successful affiliate marketing campaigns, and your five least successful. These can be eBooks, courses, or physical products. All that matter is that we're comparing the extremes. Perform a time audit on both of the sets of products by using the following questions:

Which set of products brings in the most consistent earnings?
Which set of products costs me the most in terms of personal time?
Which set of products requires the least maintenance and monitoring?

Often, we'll find that the differences in terms of time input between our least and most successful products isn't all that different. While some of them offer a massive amount of income per hour of time input, the others require a lot of attention and seem to yield very few major financial benefits.

So where do you go from here? The best way to take your high performing products to the next level is by applying the principles and advice found in this free report. If you're growing tired of spending time on products that simply don't sell, it's best to discard them and optimise those that do perform in order to achieve truly masterful sales through them. By using the knowledge and information from this free report, you can maximise your sales success and minimise your time and stress levels.

Click Here To Download Your Free Quickest Way to High Selling Markets Report

You will find other interesting information on Affiliate Marketing at:

Affiliate Success News

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Monday, 10 May 2010

Make Money Online with Green Home Business

The PluginToGreenProfits site offers a new powerful approach to Affiliate Marketing which will allow you to earn money and benefit the globe.

The program, developed by Paul Birdsall, offers a main affiliation to the Green Wealth Online opportunity and secondary promotions of other successful Clickbank Products. The advantage of becoming a Green Wealth Affiliate through the PluginToProfits site, is that you will have multiple sources of income and additionally a lot of support for your Marketing activities.

They offer a turnkey Business and you will easily start promoting the Business with an Autoresponder and a list of pre-made messages that you can copy into your Autoresponder campaign.

You can read a review of this Green Business Opportunity at:


You can visit the website at:


I just mention that, during the prelaunch phase Paul Birdsall offers to add to your Affiliate commission $ 135.00 as a contribution to your marketing efforts.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

How to Get One-way Backlinks for your Site

Financial crisis has made web site owners to take targeted traffic
issue more seriously. Today if your web site is not bringing money, it
makes no point to run it - recession is not the best time for
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