Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Making Customer Service Your Priority Could Mean a Huge Increase in Profit for You

When it comes to the work you do, no matter what kind it is, customer service should always be your top priority. There are so many things involved with running a successful business but maintaining high customer care is an essential part of the equation. If you allow your standards for customer service drop then you are likely to find yourself having some business troubles. When the quality of service that your customers receive is no long of importance to you, you are going to find that your services are no longer all that important to the customer.
You will without a doubt lose customers because of poor customer service. With so many competitors out there, your customers will have no problem finding another company to take their business and loyalty to. So how does one make sure that the customer's know that they are respected, appreciated, and valued? The first and foremost thing that must be done is to always talk to your customers with a smile. Even when you are on a phone, your smile will be able to be heard through your voice.
Try to show your appreciation to your customers through reward programs or coupons. When it comes to free or discounted stuff there is nothing better in the mind of your typical customer. This way you are making your customer service skills work for both you and your customer. Start up a referral program and for every new customer that comes to you as a referral from an existing customer, your customer will receive something. This will show how much they are appreciated and you will have gained new business that is likely to return.
If you pride yourself on good customer service, you will, in return get something tat is priceless to any company or corporation. Word of mouth advertising is not only the most effective form of advertising, but it is also free. It is the ultimate reward for excellent customer service and if you can accomplish that, your profits will sky rocket!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How Web2.0 Can Increase Website Traffic

1. Introduction

Web 2.0 is the latest buzzword in Internet marketing. All it really means is going "social" with your marketing. Basically, Web 2.0 is a platform that allows people to connect, interact with the website and with each other and share information

Your clients are no longer isolated. They interact, they talk to each other, they exchange impressions that become a collective impression about your product or service

Therefore, Web 2.0 encompasses all online communities like blogs and social networking websites like ,,,, video sharing websites like, social bookmarking sites like,, etc.

Free-traffic has become a huge possibility, thanks to Web 2.0 sites here users have a high level of interaction, passing around information to each other. These sites have become a goldmine for Internet marketers and provide a lot more traffic than even the search engines can turn up.

2. How Web 2.0 can increase your website traffic

We can identify three main components in Web 2.0 as follows:

a) Popular Web 2.0 community-based websites where you are allowed to insert your URL. This will help people who want to share your information, making your URL more visible as it gets passed around and this, in turn, brings back more traffic to your website. Moreover one-way links allow to achieve better search engine page rankings. On most of these sites you will find also a Forum or a discussion board that allows its members to discuss any topic, to exchange opinions and to know each other better.

b) Blogs and websites that become a must-see destination for people of a chosen niche. They must be of high quality in order to attract fans and they will increase traffic. The most essential ingredient of the Web 2.0 blog is the content element. There should be keyword rich quality content to attract people.

c) Another Web 2.0 approach is to use social bookmarking. Some examples are, Digg, Furl. Reddit and sphinn. They can be very effective in generating traffic. As an example Delicious is a social bookmarking system that is very popular with bloggers and websites alike. The site has an interesting approach to content building. Rather than publish interesting content and getting worried when there's no fresh content, publishers are looking at users of the site to build, classify and qualify content. There's value in collaboration.

Apart from bookmarking the web page, users can also tag the web page. Tags are the keywords that relate to the content on the page. By tagging, you can associate the keywords with the content. If there are many people using the same tags to bookmark a page then that page will be seen as an authority page in its category. The most bookmarks your web page receives from various delicious users, the more prominent will be the listing of your web page on the site. Delicious users are allowed to bookmark and tag several pages in a website. You can tag the content with more than one term. As the number of tags by users grows, you find it easier to access similar topics.

A major reason to use Delicious is to share useful information. As a delicious user, you can store your favorite websites or online resources and make this available to other users online. A lot of people browse through delicious to find valuable information they are looking for. On this social bookmarking website, you can use RSS feeds to syndicate user bookmarks or to collect information that has the same tags. Users can also syndicate bookmarks created by other users who use RSS feeds. The great thing here is there is a wealth of user generated content.

3. Conclusions

The article is just a short introduction to the main features of Web 2.0. We hope to have raised some interest and we invite the reader to read more on this subjects and find sites which explain better how to benefit from these new approaches.

Mario Pesce is a Computer consultant who is also interested in Website development and Internet marketing. More information about Internet Marketing can be found on and his blog

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Monday, 27 April 2009

Amazing Ebooks help Traffic Increase

I found three simple Ebooks which are full of useful content and which can be downloaded for FREE or for very small payments and I have decided to share these experiences. They are the following:

The FREE Ebook Clickbank for Newbies and ... Oldies shows quickest way to get started as an affiliate - earning commission by promoting a vendor's products. It explains why 9 out of 10 ClickBank affiliates end up earning nothing with dormant accounts and how you can instead have an active account. It gives you an ingenious viral money making idea.

Discover how a top guru KICKED out the search engines, invented a REVOLUTIONARY way to market ANY product . . . then gave it away in an amazing FREE book - ending with the most STUNNING viral twist ever seen

c) Hub BluePrint
An Internet Marketer experience with He says: I had heard about this site off and on, but had never got around to actually giving it a try... well I finally did.. and the results were nothing more than stellar!

I have been very impressed with these Ebooks and and I suggest that you consider them seriously.
They can highly help Internet Marketers.

Mario Pesce

Saturday, 25 April 2009

3 Real and Free Home Business Ideas

The internet has provided a growing job sector even in today’s harsh economy: home business.  Many people turn to the internet every day for free home business ideas for a variety of reasons.  Some want to supplement their income in hopes of saving for retirement, paying for college, or to just enjoy a little more spending money for vacations and nice cars.  Others research this option to begin a new career and find a job they can feel passionate about.  No matter why you are considering this lucrative field, chances are you are hoping to find a way to operate your own business and start for as cheap as possible.  How does a free home business sound?  This probably sounds too good to be true, but read on for three free home business ideas you can really sink your teeth into.
1. Get paid to surf.  Websites and companies all over the globe recognize that people on the internet are their biggest resource for customers and clients.  These companies know they need websites that appeal to the masses.  They often utilize individuals who can search their page to provide feedback about user friendliness and image.  Contracting out your services is free to you, and can provide valuable feedback to the many businesses that employ you.
2. Get paid to write articles.  Utilize the knowledge you have on virtually any subject to teach other while also getting paid.  Article writing appeals to many people for its versatility.  You can write from anywhere, anytime, and on any subject.  To really make this business work for you, you will need to amass many quality articles, so be prepared to invest some time.  However, once you get into the writing groove, you will have found a business that costs nothing to start and brings in profits quickly.
3. Put your existing website to work through affiliates.  Allowing others to advertise on your existing website provides you with extra money while also increasing traffic to your website.  These programs are free and often pay incentives.
These ideas cost nothing to start, but provide you with as many opportunities as you can imagine.  Truly, you set your own limits with these free home business ideas.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Advertising Tips All Small Business Owners Should Know

In an optimal world, customers would come directly to businesses without the use of any form of advertising methods. Unfortunately, with the vast amount of competition on the market, small businesses need as much help as they can get to grow. Advertising is one of the most essential aspects to owning a small business. Sure, a business can have a great product or service, but without a customer base, what good is that product or service? By utilizing the following advertising tips, small businesses can see a return on their investment with sales success and customer growth.
Tip #1 – Take advantage of free advertising. This, by far, is the best advertising tip available. Why pay for advertising when you can get it for free? Make your small business known by getting out in the community. Sponsor cleaning up a roadway and have your business’ name posted on a roadway sign. Volunteer to answer telephones at a public television pledge drive and have your company’s name mentioned as a volunteer. The key to getting free advertising is to get involved and be seen. When volunteering your company, people will begin to associate your company’s name with your face. This will lead to greater recognition in the community and the chance to network and reach new customers.
Tip #2 – Tis better to give than receive. Donate a service or item as much as possible to promote advertising of your small business. From school raffles to charitable auctions, buy donating a gift or service, your small business will gain recognition and a customer. While this customer may not be paying, he or she can spread positive word-of-mouth about your business to others; especially if he is she is extremely pleased with service provided.
Tip #3 – Advertise, advertise, advertise! While you may be satisfied with the increase in business, the best advertising tip is to keep advertising. Since customers can come and go, a business should always look to replace departing customers and/or expand. By keeping a constant and changing advertising campaign, small business owners can manage customer growth and adapt to industry changes.


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Marketing Strategies Made Easy With Business Cards

Marketing strategies can make all the difference to your home business.  If you are seeking to compound the profits of your home business into several home businesses, how you run your first business and how you market your first business could be crucial.  This article outlines three easy ways to begin to get the word out about your business.  These are not the only ways to get the word out about your business, but they are simple and quick, costing little, and netting you much.
First, use the power of words!  Make a list of all of the people you know.  Consider your hairdresser, babysitter, soccer coaches, and anyone else you make come into contact with either through your work and social life, or your children’s, or partner’s.  Allow this list to grow and grow.  You should know no less than one hundred people.  As you run into these people, begin to introduce your business idea casually, and let them know what you are doing.
Second, use the power of the written word.  Make up a business card you can begin to hand to your list of people.  The card should be eye catching, but concise.  Give details of your home business, without going overboard.  Give each person you meet your card, and consider writing a short note on the back so they will remember who you are. You may reference the location and date of your meeting. 
Third, as you get to know more people, begin to give out multiple cards and ask that they give your cards to others they know.  In this way you will be networking with hundreds more people, just in utilizing the people you know!  These three easy steps cost little more than the amount you spent on the business cards, but got your name in front of many, many people.