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Auto Click Profits ReviewAuto Click Profits Review

I watched the sales video for Auto Click Profits and was convinced by the presentation given by a fellow claiming to be Daniel Owens to try the package as soon as it became available. The guy looks genuine and he produces some proof of actual results.

Normally I do reviews of products that have some value and my reviews are normally positive, but, in this case I must give some negative information about this product.

The sales page is impressive and shows unbelievable results obtained in a short time from Clickbank by using this product.

However after purchasing the product and reading the received ebooks and watching some videos I have reached the conclusion that it is impossible that the results of the sales page have been obtained by using this product.

It looks like the marketing is pretty good, but the actual product has not the promised value.

They provide a manual on Affiliate Marketing with some advice that can be useful for a newbie, but that can easily be found on other places on the Internet.

The main product is a Windows software program which allows to find questions on Yahoo Answer about the keywords that you enter and answer with messages which contain an Affiliate link. You can send the same generic answer to a lot of similar questions.

In my opinion it is highly probable that, if you use this software, you will get banned from Yahoo Answer for spamming.

I purchased only the initial product which costs $ 39 and which has also a special offer for $ 29. The sale page says that the offer is only for 3 people, but I don’t believe it. I am sure that the offer remains; just keep pressing the exit button a few times and you will see the offer.

When you purchase you are offered one upsell or downsell after the other before reaching the download page. I have not tried them, but there are reports from people who have purchased some of them that they are not satisfied.

Another review which I advice you to read is Auto Click Profits Review – Another Pipe Dream In The Works

My final advice is that you should not purchase this product. However I am interested to know if someone else has a different opinion or has obtained some good results.

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