Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Fatcat Blueprint Review by a Real User

An Introduction

A little while ago I received an email that invited me to consider the Fatcat Blueprint. I am always a bit skeptical about promises of rapid riches, but this email looked less hypey than other ones and I decided to make some more investigations.

One of my preferred places when I look for information is the Warrior Forum. Its members are usually experienced Internet Marketers who provide useful information and observations.

I found that most of the comments on Fatcat Blueprint program were very positive and finally I decided to purchase it.

I cannot say that I have used its methods for a long time, but I have read the manuals and I can now provide some honest information about its content.

What is the Fatcat Blueprint?

The program has been developed by Bertil Jenner who has used Adsense in a very successful way and has also tested his methods with other people, including newbies, before publishing them.

The author says that its methods are the results of more than 10 years experience of making money online. Some 'gurus' suggest that you cannot make good money with Adsense and that it is better to use Affiliate Marketing or to develop your own products, but Bertil says instead that you can make quite a good money by using Adsense websites and that you will have in that way a passive income that will last for a long time.

The Fatcat Blueprint Training

If you order the Fatcat Blueprint, you will receive, in addition to the main manual also a SEO manual (Fatcat SEO), some Fatcat templates that have been proved to work well with Adsense and a Java application called Fatcat Domain Hunter

The main manual is a 242 pages PDF book that provides step by step instruction on how you can make a good income by using Adsense on some niche websites. The main approach is based on using free methods as opposed to PPC and other paid promotional methods.

There are 21 chapters grouped in3 stages such as Building, Promotion and Scaling.

The first stage of Building teaches important skills such as:

  • Finding hot markets and money making niches

  • Keyword research

  • Killer domain names selection

  • Web hosting solutions

  • Fast content Creation

An Interesting Video Explains the Advantages of Fatcat Blueprint


I think that this is one of the best courses that I have read recently and will provide you with useful information that will help to develop your skills and achieve success in Internet Marketing.

However you should consider that success will require time because developing content rich sites requires time and getting a good ranking with Google requires time.

The course will give you the information and tool to succeed, but you must be persistent and put into practice what you learn. This is not a 'Magic Bullet', but a useful training that will really help serious marketers. You can visit Bertil Jenner's site at:

==> The Fatcat Income Blueprint

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